Scranton Road Legal Clinic

Scranton Road Legal Clinic (SRLC)

Formed in 2012, Scranton Road Legal Clinic educates and empowers our neighbors to make educated and prudent legal decisions, while providing the holistic support for the spiritual, emotional and relational problems that often accompany legal concerns.  This is accomplished through community Legal Education Workshops and Brief Advice Sessions.  Trained Legal professionals present topics relevant to our community, including Landlord Tenant Law, Financial Counseling and Probate Law.  Brief Advice Sessions are conducted by a volunteer attorney to discuss legal problems and legal solutions.  

To schedule an appointment, please fill out our intake form an email will follow with instructions on setting up an appointment.

Scranton Road Legal Clinic Intake Form

Once we have received your intake form, you will immediatly recieve an email to email address given on the intake sheet that will provide instructions for scheduling an appointment. No appointments can be scheduled until an intake shee has been completed. If you are unable to compelte an intake sheet, please contact our office at 216.861.5323 to have some assist you with the intake sheet.

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