Donate To Scranton Road Ministries

Here's How Your Contribution Can Make A Difference

Scranton Road Legal Clinic

  • $150
    Engages 10+ Clevelanders with a valuable legal education workshop (family & elder law, landlord tenant issues, credit & debt, child/custodial, etc.)
  • $375
    Provides a Cleveland family with the legal services needed to secure safe housing, eliminate debt, or reunite a family.
  • $750
    Serves 2 families
  • $1,500
    Equips 4 families.  Or Engage 50-100 Clevelanders with a valuable Legal Education Workshop.
  • $3,750
    Equips 10 families

Academic Enrichment Program

  • $125
    Engage a local youth with powerful week of Summer Camp (character & spiritual training, STEM, the Arts, and Health & Wellness).
  • $400
    Helps a student to flourish: providing them with 15 weeks of vital educational services.
  • $800
    Prepares 2 students for success
  • $2,000
    Prepares 5 students for success
  • $4,000
    Prepares 10 students for success

Youth Jobs Partnership

  • $250
    Provides a Cleveland student with 8 weeks of best practice and comprehensive job training.
  • $500
    Re-writes a future: equipping a student with a portfolio of skills and support as they successfully transition into continuing education or a job.
  • $1,500
    Re-write the future for 3 students: with the skills and support for a job and/or continuing education.